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Switch mechanism for multiple nested simulations

Calling Sequence

[sim, outlist, userdata] = ld_CaseSwitchNest(sim, ev, inlist, insizes, outsizes, intypes, outtypes, CaseSwitch_fn, SimnestName, DirectFeedthrough, SelectSignal, CaseNameList, userdata)


INPUT Signals:

inlist - list( ) of input signals to the block, that will be forwarded to the nested simulation(s) (Note: Currently broken)

SelectSignal - * swicht signal of type ORTD.DATATYPE_INT32


insizes - input ports configuration

outsizes - output ports configuration

intypes - ignored for now, put ORTD.DATATYPE_FLOAT for each port

outtypes - ignored for now, put ORTD.DATATYPE_FLOAT for each port

CaseSwitch_fn - scilab function defining the sub-schematics

The prototype must be: function [sim, outlist, userdata] = nested_fn(sim, inlist, Ncase, casename, userdata)

SimnestName (string) - the name of the nested simulation

DirectFeedthrough - %t or %f

SelectSignal * - int32 use to determine the currently active simulation

CaseNameList list() of strings

userdata - A Scilab variable that will be forwarded to the function nested_fn


outlist - list( ) of output signals

PLEASE NOTE: For ld_CaseSwitchNest at least one output must be defined such that

the nested simulations are executed at the right time instances.

Otherwise a delayed execution of the nested simulations has been oberserved.

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