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Calling Sequence

[sim, outlist, Success] = ld_DisassembleData2(sim, events, in, inBytes, MaxinBytes, ByteOfs, outsizes, outtypes)


disasseble Data - block

disassemble the binary representation of the input, which is of type ORTD.DATATYPE_BINARY

in *(BINARY) - binary input data

inBytes * (INT32) - number of valid input bytes

MaxinBytes - Number of maximal input bytes (determines the size of in)

ByteOfs * (INT32) - ofset at which the disassembly takes place (index starts at 0)

outsizes - array of output sizes

insizes - array of output types

Success (INT32) - if the Disassebly could successfully be performed

outlist - *list() of the decomposed data

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