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Write a portion to a persistent globally shared memory

Calling Sequence

[sim] = ld_WriteMemory2(sim, events, data, index, ElementsToWrite, ident_str, datatype, MaxElements)


Initialises a memory structure which can be refered by an

identifier. Data is available for read and write access

accross different state machines as well as accross

different threads.

Make sure to only use the memory created by this function in

lower level simulations such as nested state machines, etc.

Access from higher level simulations is possible but should

be avoided, as the memory can not be freed on destruction.

data *+(MaxElements) - data

index * INT32 - index to store the data. Starts at 1

ElementsToWrite * INT32 - number of elements to write to the memory

ident_str (string) - name of the memory

datatype - ORTD datatype of the memory (for now only ORTD.DATATYPE_FLOAT)

MaxElements - maximal elements to write

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