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include a scicos block / schematic

Calling Sequence

[sim, outlist] = ld_scicosblock(sim, events, inlist, cosblk)


inlist - list() of input ports forwarded to the Scicosblock

outlist - list() of output ports forwarded from the Scicosblock

cosblk - structure as loaded by ortd_getcosblk containg the block parameters

Hint: There is a way to compile Xcos-superblocks into C-computational functions.

These functions can also be included by ld_scicosblock, but this is experimental

and the process for doing so takes some manual steps to perform on the source-code.


In the C-structure &quot;scicos_block" there is an entry ozptr that is not initiated

correcty by the wrapper in the file &quot;ScicosWrapper.cpp". Only the following steps

are performed that may be suffiecient for most applications:

ozptr[0] = malloc(1000);

ozptr[1] = malloc(1000);

ozptr[2] = malloc(1000);

ozptr[3] = malloc(1000);

ozptr[4] = malloc(1000);

These fields are used by the generated C-functions for Scicos-Superblocks.

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