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Block for calling a computational function written in scilab

Calling Sequence

[sim, out] = ld_scilab4(sim, events, in, invecsize, outvecsize, comp_fn, ForwardVars, par)


A nicer interface to scilab. (See modules/scilab/demo/scilab_demo.sce for an example)

in *+(invecsize) - input

out *+(outvecsize) - output

out = calc_cmd

comp_fn - scilab function that is executed online. Prototype:

function [block]=sample_comp_fn( block, flag )

flags are: 1 calc outputs, 4 initialise, 5 terminate

For further details have a look at the example.

ForwardVars - %t or %f Forward variables to the online Scilab instance

The structure par must contain at least the following elements:

include_scilab_fns - list( fn1, &quot;fn1", fn2, "fn2" ) , whereby fn1 and fn2 stand for Scilab functions

scilab_path - Path to scilab5 executable. Use &quot;BUILDIN_PATH" if you do not have special needs.

InitStr - execute str in the begining. e.g. to define global variables

Nice feature: ld_scilab4 will look for variables that are not defined within comp_fn, if ForwardVars = %t

and will try to transfer these variables from the Scilab instance running at

the development host to the on-line running Scilab instance.

This works only for single value variables only, though.

NOTE: For now the flag &quot;update states" is not called; Also a "reset states" flag is required.

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