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Calling Sequence

[sim, finished, outlist, userdata] = ld_AutoExperiment2(sim, ev, inlist, insizes, outsizes, intypes, outtypes, ThreadPrioStruct, experiment_fn, whileComputing_fn, evaluation_fn, whileIdle_fn, userdata)


Automatically perform an experiment and the ongoing evaluation.

The computation required for the evaluation is performed in a the background

by means of a thread.

There are several callback functions that describe:

experiment_fn: The schematic for performing the experiment, e.g. collecting data

whileComputing_fn: The schematic that is activated during the computation is active_state

evaluation_fn: The schematic that performs the evaulation in a thread.

One simulation step is performed here

whileIdle_fn: The schematic that is active when the procedure finished.

The prototypes are (Hereby outlist and inlist are lists of the signals that are forwarded

to the I/O of ld_AutoExperiment:

[sim, finished, outlist] = experiment_fn(sim, ev, inlist)

[sim, outlist] = whileComputing_fn(sim, ev, inlist)

[sim, CalibrationReturnVal, userdata] = evaluation_fn(sim, userdata) NOTE changed this function

[sim, outlist] = whileIdle_fn(sim, ev, inlist)

NOTE: Not everything is finished by now

Rev 2: of ld_AutoExperiment: added userdata input/output, changed prototype of evaluation_fn

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