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Automated definition/compilation and execution of ORTD-schemtics during runtime.

Calling Sequence

[sim, finished, outlist, userdata] = ld_AutoOnlineExch_dev(sim, ev, inlist, insizes, outsizes, intypes, outtypes, ThreadPrioStruct, CallbackFns, ident_str, userdata)


Automatically perform an experiment and an ongoing evaluation. Additionally,

during this evaluation a new ORTD-schematic may be compiled to replace a part

of the control system.

The signals in inlist will be forwarded to several callback functions for defining e.g.

the nested control system.

There must be several callback functions in a structure CallbackFns:

experiment: The schematic for performing the experiment, e.g. collecting data. This function

to define such a schematic may be called during compilation as well as during

runtime of the control system. The latter case is used to replace the experiment

controller with an online-generated replacement that may depend e.g. on previously

collected calibration data.

whileComputing: The schematic that is activated during the computation is active_state

PreScilabRun: This ORTD-schematic is called for one time step in advance to the embedded Scilab-calculation

Note: This is a wrapper to ld_AutoOnlineExch_dev2 for backwards compatibility. Use ld_AutoOnlineExch_dev2 instead.

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