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Start and stop saving of multiple data vectors to multiple files

Calling Sequence

[sim] = ld_MultiFileSave(sim, ev, inlist, cntrl, FileNamesList)


inlist list() of *+ - Data to write

cntrl * - if cntrl steps to 2 then saving is started; if it steps to 1 saving is stopped

FileNamesList list() of strings - Filenames for saving

Note: This function tries to automatically detect the vector size for each entry of inlist.

Howver, this does not work for all signal sources (blocks) at the moment.

If come accross such a situation, you&apos;re invited to notify the authors of ORTD.

Note: cntrl does not have an effect by now


TriggerSave = ...

SaveSignals=list(); FileNamesList=list();

SaveSignals($+1) = Signal1; FileNamesList($+1) = &quot;measurements/Signal1.dat";

SaveSignals($+1) = Signal2; FileNamesList($+1) = &quot;measurements/Signal2.dat";

[sim] = ld_MultiFileSave(sim, 0, ...

inlist=SaveSignals, ...

cntrl=TriggerSave, FileNamesList );

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