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Extract parts from two input vectors and glue them together to receive one vector.

Calling Sequence

[sim, out, num] = ld_vector_glue(sim, events, in1, fromindex1, toindex1, in2, fromindex2, toindex2, vecsize)


Output starting with in1 from fromindex1 until toindex1, continuing with in2 from fromindex2 until toindex2.

Index counting starts at 1

in1 *+(vecsize)

in2 *+(vecsize)

fromindex1 * - first index considered from in1

toindex1 * - stop cutting from in1 before toindex1. This means the value in1(toindex1) is not included

fromindex2 * - first index considered from in2

toindex2 * - stop cutting from in2 before toindex2. This means the value in2(toindex2) is not included

vecsize - size of each input vector. Vectors need to have equal size!

out * - as explained above. Size of output is (2*vecsize).

num * - number of values that have been glued together.

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