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create one (or multiple) nested libdyn simulation within a normal libdyn block

Calling Sequence

[sim, outlist, computation_finished, userdata] = ld_simnest2(sim, ev, inlist, insizes, outsizes, intypes, outtypes, nested_fn, Nsimulations, dfeed, asynchron_simsteps, switch_signal, reset_trigger_signal, userdata, simnest_name)


It is possible to switch between them by an special input signal

Replacement schematics can be generated by the &quot;ld_simnest2_replacement" function.

The &quot;ld_nested_exchffile"-block can be used to load the schematic into the controller


switch_signal: signal used to switch between different nested simulations

reset_trigger_signal: when 1 the current simulation is reset (sync)

OR when 1 the current simulation is triggered (async)

inlist - list( ) of input signals to the block, that will be forwarded to the nested simulation(s)


ev - events to be forwarded to the nested simulation

insizes - input ports configuration

outsizes - output ports configuration

intypes - ignored for now, put ORTD.DATATYPE_FLOAT for each port

outtypes - ignored for now, put ORTD.DATATYPE_FLOAT for each port

nested_fn - scilab function defining sub-schematics

Nsimulations - number of simulations to switch inbetween

dfeed - the block containing all sub-schematics is configured with dfeed

asynchron_simsteps - if &gt; 0 asynchron_simsteps steps will be simulated in a thread

when finished the result becomes available to the blocks outports

if == 0 the nested simulation runns synchronous to the upper level simulation.



userdata - arbitrary user date

simnest_name - a string name with which the nested is refered.


outlist - list( ) of output signals

computation_finished - optional and only meanful if asynchron_simsteps &gt; 0 (means async computation)

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